The Euros say "playtime". The Yanks say "recess". Here at ODS we call it "F'n-Off". What ever you call it we like it and to be honest participate in it quite often. Keeps us fresh and focused. We were fortunate enough to start working with KEEN this year. One of our first projects was coming up with a graphics package for their Euro tradeshow booth. Hand painted and stenciled graphics to the exterior of the booth as well as a monkey bar inspired hanging graphic system that tied in to the "Recess is Back" campaign were some of the highlights. Check back soon for some of the other KEEN projects we have been working on.

defcon’d again


Another year, another round of Defcon. Here are a few favorites from this year's Defcon creative. Note: Even Hankbuilt and Trusty Switchblade have cameo appearances in the 2012 Defcon glove line. How much more of a win-win can you get than that?

Gregory Mountain Products


Our partners in fabricationĀ Greenspace, brought this design project to us. We couldn't have been more excited. This booth, Gregory Mountain Products, makers of technical and casual packs and bags showed at the 2011 Outdoor Retailer Show to rave reviews.

Made in the USA


We designed this jean patch for our fine friends just down the street at The Woodlands Supply Co. They have teamed up with their equally fine friends at Tellason to offer you a pair of quality jeans. Heavy duty, premium denim made in the USA. Go get a pair today.

Have a drink on us


New Year's resolutions have come and goneā€¦ and not a minute too soon. Overhaul Design Shop is proud to announce the debut release of their Industrial Grade Beverage Gaskets. These beauties are hand screen printed and come in a six pack stamped out of real gasket material. Call today for ordering information.



Scheming off their utilitarian approach to snowboarding outerwear. We designed and fabricated Homeschool Snowboarding's first trade show booth with our typical hands on approach. Clean lines mixed with a healthy dose of raw and repurposed materials. They were stoked. We were stoked. Plenty of stoking going on.

will work for beer


Irvington Brewing Company is a one-barrel operation based out of Portland Oregon. We were approached by David Lechner, the owner, to help out with branding and packaging. It went something like this: David: "You look like someone that appreciates beer" Jason Miranda (thinking to myself): "What the hell is that suppose to mean? Are you calling me fat?" After sampling his beer we were sold. This project was truly a "Will work for beer" situation. Photo by Jose Sandoval



We were commissioned to design the 2010 SIA trade show booth for Bonfire/Salomon. I just got back from the 2011 show and was happy to see that most of what we designed last year is still in use. Click the more button to glimpse some details.

Boom suka


There is nothing I like more than taking discarded materials and bringing them new life. Turning them into functional pieces of furniture that are durable and tell a unique story. The folks at BOOM Creative needed some new desks and workstations for their Spokane office. A couple rusty car ramps and a 100 year old machine shop rack provided ample inspiration and materials for the job.

PDX Original


Dr. Will Bar print ad, one of a series featured in Cyclocross Magazine. "High fiber, high fatty acid, blood sugar-stabilizing, bulit for endurance, with incredible taste, on and off the bike !!" They really do taste good... if you're not allergic to peanuts.